Our staff are our biggest asset. We want to make sure that we have a happy and motivated workforce.

As a responsible employer we take our obligations very seriously. Businesses that are committed to having a diverse workforce recognise the importance of building an inclusive organisation whose products and services are as diverse as the people who use them. By valuing differences in the experience, culture and background of our staff we can encourage new ideas and perspectives and deliver better services. Good equality practices can also provide an environment where people from different backgrounds and circumstances can work together, develop positive relationships, and learn and develop mutual understanding and appreciation.

At Sanctuary we maintain a culture where diversity is valued and create an environment where there is fair access to work and development opportunities for all existing and future members of staff.

The benefits for encouraging diversity in the workplace are clear:

  •     greater access to a wider range of individual strengths, experiences and perspectives
  •     a greater understanding of the diverse groups of potential and existing customers represented within the workforce
  •     better communication with diverse groups of potential and existing customers
  •     improved legitimacy and organisational reputation across a wider stakeholder audience.

For further information: View our Inclusion for all Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2021-2024 (PDF 1.5MB).